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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Monkey and The Chunk

Wow, it’s been a while! I was looking at my draft from over a month ago (ahem…never quite got around to posting it) and I was talking about them starting to crawl and pull up…and now they’ve long mastered that and I think are getting ready to take a few steps. Crazy how time flies.
Violet is our little Monkey, she’s absolutely fearless and likes to jump and crawl over everything and everyone (you’ll be crawled over if you’re in between her and something she wants). I predict that she’ll be the first to break a bone by jumping out of a tree, or off another tall object. She seems to be first with the physical milestones (turning over, crawling, pulling up), he’s been first with the vocal milestones (first one to say mamma and dada).
Samuel is The Chunk, but really only compared to Violet. At their 9 month appointment, he weighed in at 17lb 4oz (4th percentile) and she weighed 15lb 14oz (4th percentile). He continues to be the cuddlier one, he’ll frequently crawl up to me when I’m sitting on the floor and put his thumb in his mouth and lay his head down on my leg.
Both of them are pulling themselves up to standing and “cruising” (walking along the couch or other objects) and occasionally standing up by themselves until they realize it…then they promptly sit down.
A few “fights” have broken out between them – I try really hard not to laugh. It’s typically because one of them has found something that they shouldn’t have and the other wants to play with it too (remote control, mom’s phone, mom’s brush, mom’s laptop cord – anything that belongs to mom).

Both are really good at trying new foods and are having fun trying to feed themselves. I say “trying” because a lot of it ends up being a meal for the dogs. They like turkey loaf, tofu, plums, bananas, shredded pork and scrambled egg yolks (just to name a few).  

We’re fast approaching their 1 year mark, we can’t wait to celebrate it!

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  1. I love this age! Enjoy it! Post more Pics please! :)