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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Dose of Humility

I’m not really good at asking for help or admitting that I can’t do it all – silly, right? As I feverishly try to wrap my arms around more and more things (making my own baby food, making everything from scratch, activities for the twins, etc), I realize that I’ve made myself too busy to enjoy the things in my life. So, in an effort to be more forgiving to myself, here’s what I’ll try to remember:
  • It’s ok to let someone else open the door for mewhen I’m carrying two carseats
  • It’s ok to spend a weekend doing nothing butplaying with the twins (I’ll do chores next weekend)
  • It’s ok to occasionally have a dinner come from a box or through a car window
  • It’s ok to ask for help!

And since my little brother just got his driver’s license, it’s ok to send him grocery shopping (and the occasional ice cream trip).

We found out at the twins’ 2 month appointment that Samuel has torticollis (tightening of the neck muscle) which resulted in him getting a flat spot on the back of his noggin. He’s been going to regular PT appointments and we went earlier this month to get him fitted for his DOC band in order to correct his head shape (can cause a lot of damage if left untreated – vision, dental, etc). Here he is with his new gear; we think treatment will take about 9 weeks or so.

They are definitely starting to interact more with each other. We can have them entertain each other by laying them on the floor side-by-side. It’s probably just coincidental, but they usually end of holding hands at some point. As long as no one starts throwing elbows then all is good.

We’ve started them on solids, so far they like everything that we’ve put in front of them (just like their mom). Carrots are definitely their favorite so far, with green beans coming in at a close second.

We’re really looking forward to the 6 month appointment in a few weeks, I think Samuel will tip the scale at 15.5 pounds and Violet will probably be close behind at 14 pounds.

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