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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sleeping in a Laundry Basket

So now that we’ve found out the genders (a boy and a girl if you didn’t know), it’s the unofficial time to start The Registry. Who knew this process would be so daunting (we didn’t do it when we got married)?! I’ve already admitted to my indecisive nature – so you can imagine my stress level when having to pick out what type of bottle is best. It’s Analysis Paralysis again, too many options I just get frozen. The only thing that keeps me going is the fear that the kiddos will end up having to wear towels and sleep in laundry baskets (we have plenty) if I don’t make up my mind!

I work for a smallish software company that’s mostly men – which can make for some entertaining moments being one out of a handful of women here and pregnant. Although my tummy is well on its way to becoming its own zip code, I’m still a fully functional worker. You wouldn’t think that was the case observing some of my co-workers though. I was loading some paper into the copier yesterday when someone had come into the kitchen and proclaimed “you shouldn’t be doing that!” and promptly scooted me out of the way and took over the task. I held back my most snarky remark, after all, he was only trying to help. I can only imagine what they’ll do in a few months time, I’m sure they’ll take one look at me and with wide eyes insist that I shouldn’t be moving too much.

The Belly seems to be growing at an exponential rate. I’m hoping that the growth pattern is more like a bell curve in which it’ll slow down by the end – but I have a feeling that’s not going to be the case. Ben thinks it’s funny that I’m starting to run it into things (opening the fridge, closing the car door, you name it), have I mentioned that I’m also spatially challenged? For your reference, in case you were wondering, I can still see my toes!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day of “Not Knowing”

I’ve read, and been told, multiple times that a wandering mind is very common during pregnancy. At home it’s no big deal, unless you’re Ben and you’re mid-conversation discussing something important. At work, however, it’s really embarrassing! Imagine being on a call interviewing a solid candidate and all of a sudden, you have no clue what you were going to say next! Or, you just cannot get that word off the tip of your tongue. Thankfully, I have a lot of experience in laughing at myself, so I’m able to shake it off with a smart-alecky remark.

I told Ben this morning that I was starving today. His response to me was that I should sing to myself, “Don’t Stop Eating” to the tune of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. He knows my love of this long (best feel good song of all time) and I’m not sure how I feel about it now being tied to making sure I eat enough for 3. Ben doesn’t like the thought that I get hungry and could potentially starve the kiddos…Irrational Parental Fear #1.

A lot of time, during my aforementioned wandering, I’ll daydream about what it’s going to be like to have twins. I’m sure most of the parenting for twins is the same as with a singleton, but there are also a lot of challenges that are unique to raising twins. My mom wouldn’t often dress my sister and I in identical outfits growing up. I think this was important in encouraging our unique personalities, rather than being known as one entity – “the twins”.

Tomorrow is our 20 week appointment and we’ll finally know if we’re having boys, girls or one of each! We’ve been asked quite a few times, “what’s your preference?”. It’d be fun to have two girls, can you say Hello Kitty explosion? Two boys would save us a lot of headache in the drama department down the road. One of each would be a good balance. So, I’ll stick with the very predictable but honest truth, “It doesn’t matter, we just pray that they’re healthy.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tone Deaf

The twins have made their first assertive move on my food choices. No more super spicy food! They made that abundantly clear yesterday after I had indulged in some (a lot) of my bacon jalapeƱo dip on Sunday. It’s an unfair advantage, 3 against 1! That’s right, the twins and Ben…all three of them reminding me that my food choices are not all about me. Well, Ben was the vocal one, but the twins made their point better by rejecting everything I tried to eat yesterday morning, “We’ll show you mom”.

At 19 weeks it’s said that they can now hear noises while in the womb. Ben suggested that we start signing to them. Two problems though:

  1. I don’t know any good children’s songs (does Jack Johnson lullabies count?)

  2. More importantly, I’ve never been told I have a good signing voice (for good reason). As a child, I always wished that I could sing, but the talent never manifested. Hopefully the kiddos’ acoustics in the womb make them tone deaf.

I’ve found the perfect man-ccessory for Ben, it can used while hunting or taking the twins out for errands! I will only see a problem if they come home with camo paint on their face.

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend celebrating with some great people! The BBQ has been officially broken in, as is the fire pit, lawn chairs and the AC. Thank goodness for the AC. While picking up supplies for the BBQ, Ben and I made a pass through the diaper aisle. We made the mistake of trying to calculate how many diapers we’d need to have on hand for the first month after they’re born. Better not share the calculation, it’s a bit scary. Not to worry though, Ben has committed to changing his fair share of diapers. Although, come to think of it, we did not define what he thought “his share” would be!