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Monday, March 28, 2011

10 Weeks

We knew we’d make the decision someday – but someday just kept moving further and further out. After all, we wanted to be “prepared” before we started a family. There was always something else that would come along and clamor for our attention which put the decision off again.

At some point we realized (came to our senses), that we’ll never feel completely prepared. I personally don’t like the feeling that, no matter how many lists I write, there will always be something left undone! So, almost 8 years after getting married – we decided that we’re ready to try and bring a little someone else into the world.

Fast forward to 9 weeks along at my first check-up. I normally HATE going to the doctors, Ben can attest to that. Thankfully, I LOVE my doctor! I felt an immediate rapport with her, which is important because of…well…how well she’ll be getting to know me. She’s from Hawaii (same island and city as my dad) and went to school in California, so maybe I like her because she’s a kindred spirit from the west coast. Really though, let’s be honest, it’s because she completely understood my need for Spam and rice! By the way, there are NO Hawaiian food restaurants out here, unless I want to go to New York (which I just might do if cravings get bad enough).

Anyway – back to the appointment. As we’re starting the ultrasound, Ben is already peppering Dr. Chun with questions (I made sure to forewarn before they brought Ben in), Ben is pointing at something on the screen and she interrupts with an “Oh!!”. She’s got our attention now, is this a good or bad exclamation? “There are two in there, you’re having twins!!”

Needless to say, I was shocked (still am) – but Ben has been saying all along that he thought we were having twins. Of all things for him to be correct on!

We’re both extremely excited and thankful that we have such loving family members and friends to share this special time with. The next few months will be only the beginning of a wild ride, thank goodness I will be able to talk to my mom about her experience raising twins!

My sister has insisted that I start documenting with photos and I will comply – maybe next week though.