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Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I’ve Learned in 33 Weeks…

I know I still have some time left, but I’l like to share some things I’ve observed over the last 7 months:

  • If you see a cricket in the house, don’t scream when you’re 33 weeks along in pregnancy. It REALLY scares everyone else in the house (everyone’s reaching for the “go” bag).
  • As my tummy has grown in circumference – Ben’s sense of humor has grown too. We have found all sorts of new things to laugh at.
  • I miss belt loops.
  • Nothing like a looming and unknown deadline to get the butt in gear! In the last week we’ve painted the nursery, ordered diapers (LOVE AMAZON), picked up a guest bed, and started putting together other baby stuff.
  • Just because baby clothes use less fabric does not mean that they’re less expensive than adult clothing. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a pair of baby pants for $48! OK – they were absolutely adorable – but not that adorable.
  • My tummy makes a great shelf! I love the novelty of being able to set stuff on top of it while I’m sitting and proclaiming to Ben “Look, no hands!”. Gets a laugh every time.
  • I strike a pretty impressive profile, it’s always fun to see the shocked looks on people’s faces when I’m out and about.
  • I now know what heartburn feels like – and I hope I never have to deal with it again!
  • Who knew that I’d actually miss wearing my heels (the same Birkenstocks for 3+ months is no fun).

33 weeks now, what a journey so far! I’m so thankful to have had a complication free pregnancy so far. Our upright freezer is slowly getting stocked with my not-uber-healthy-but-really-easy-and-delicious casseroles for when I don’t feel up to cooking after the twins arrive. I know I’ll be craving a salad after about 3 days!

I’m preparing to transition all my stuff at work – I just wished we had more of an idea of when I’m going to be out. All I know at this point is, “I’ll be out for 3 months and it’ll start soon…could be 3 weeks from now, or it could be 6 weeks.” How’s that for ambiguity?

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