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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Violet and Samuel from Auntie Sarah's Perspective

Violet Elizabeth Hokulani (Heavenly Star) Williamson and Samuel Jacob Keikihiapo (First Born) Williamson, two babies who have stolen my heart…

My heart aches with how much I love these little ones… The anticipation of meeting Violet and Samuel has been well worth the wait. They are now 10 days old, and what amazing things can happen in just 10 days.. Here is “Auntie Sarah’s” view of the magical journey of getting to know these bundles of joy.

Here are a few things you may want to know about Miss Violet:

  • The first thing you will notice about Violet is her big, gorgeous eyes. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of a gray blue that just captures your heart when she looks at you...
  • Violet has a few nicknames, and one of our favorites is “Popeye.” She likes to stare at you with one beautiful eye. It is so funny! :)
  • Violet is already showing the beautiful hair gene – beautiful locks when she came out of the womb, it’s a Villaruel blessing :)
  • She does not like her feet being touched – if you choose to touch her little piggies, do so at your own risk…
  • Snorting is just a natural part of speech for Miss Violet, it helps her make her point that she is hungry, poopy, or tired.
  • Violet has the sweetest cry ever.. It has this slight raspiness to it that makes it even more sweetly pathetic :)
  • Violet is definitely a diva in training.. she is the more vocal of the two and is clear on what she does/doesn’t want and if you don’t figure it out quickly – she’ll be happy to tell you. :)
  • Violet is pure sweetness, and once you meet her your heart will never be the same…

Here are a few things you may want to know about Little Samuel:

  • Samuel is a sweetheart, tender, and even-tempered. He is the calmer one of the two.
  • At first glance you know immediately Samuel is a little boy. He has very masculine features, and is so handsome at such a young age!
  • Samuel is a little cuddle bug, he is content to be and stay in your arms as long as you’ll have him. I so enjoy snuggling with this little man…
  • Samuel showed early on that he has a tendency to want things quickly and easily (ie: milk = fast food, he is not a sit down and dine kinda guy, lol) – some would say this is typical of a boy? *Wink*
  • Samuel at times may actually prefer his fingers, or fists over the real deal – it is so cute seeing him suck on his little hands! :)
  • Samuel is not a big fan of having his clothes changed (and really what baby is…) but that is his least favorite part of the day and he tells you.. loudly.. :)
  • Now although Samuel doesn’t like to have his clothes changed – you better be quick to get that little tush changed. He will NOT have a dirty diaper! :)
  • Samuel will warm your heart and steal it right away…

These two little babies are heaven sent for sure. They have their own little personalities, and from the moment you see them you can immediately tell they are different – looks and all. Violet looks just like mommy and Samuel looks just like daddy.

Although my heart is fuller and bigger as a result of these two, it’s breaking into millions of little pieces knowing I am going to have to leave and not get to kiss their little faces, give them my little Eskimo kisses so I can feel their sweet little noses, change their little bums (and there was A LOT of that going on! Lol!), rock them to sleep, cuddle with them, enjoy everything about them… see every new little milestone…

However, I am excited knowing what loving parents they have, and what wonderful examples they have to grow up with. Amanda and Ben are special people, and Violet and Samuel don’t even know yet how blessed they are… Experiencing how they love their little ones in their first week of life has been magical… So many special memories to come!

Auntie Sarah will miss you Violet and Samuel – but I am just a Skype call away…

I love you sweet babies…

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